And why would you want 100%?

People change, things change and the workplace changes with generations. We have all learned from our parents and grandparents. I can’t say being a millennial is any different than any other generation entering the workforce; however, the struggles of the masses hit close to home. I wanted to openly write to baby boomer employers looking to hire younger promising employees.

We watched our parents struggle

While I am the first to show the largest debt of gratitude to the amazing sacrifice my parents made in order to provide an amazing life for myself and my peers, it is clear that my fellow millennial generation is unwilling to do the same. We are unwilling to give up our hopes, dreams, and passion to work soeley for you. We will always have our extra-circulars, our dreams, and for some our entrepreneurial spirit. Those workplaces and “bosses” who do not accept this will end up being at a loss for great millennial workers. We may not have children or spouses, but many of us still have lives that are integral to our overall wellbeing.

We realize we are replaceable

Realistically we (those with experience) know we are replaceable; however, those employers who lead with this attitude will be hard pressed to attract or retain great millennial workers. In fact, if someone looked at me in the face and said, “you are replaceable,” I would immediately respond with, ‘then replace me I’m out.’ This isn’t a response to the reality of us being one of many, this is a response to the desire of the millennial generation to be needed and wanted. We want to feel we are an integral part of your team and we are working toward good. We don’t want to feel like any jamoke walking down the street (some of us are, but none the less).

We are expected to do everything for very little

I have dabbled for the last few months in looking into JOBs. What I have learned is that you have to be an expert at many diverse skills for little pay. Perhaps this is by construct because we are known as the generation who is the “jack of all trades,” but statistics show we are paid much less than our parents for doing the same job and in many cases we have a higher level of formal education. Jobs in Northern California  in “my field” fall in the neighborhood of $60k at best. Alright well that isn’t bad, minus 15-20% to the government, plus college debt, commute costs, and high cost of living? Well this gives little hope for owning a house, starting a family, or padding a savings account. By the way, this isn’t where you “start.” These $60K per year marketing position are for those who do social media marketing, graphic design, basic html/css, content management, and for those who can maintain all communications. Wowsers, not to mention you are lucky to get any sort of benefits. 401K, employer paid medical? I have NEVER had that! By the by my “entry level” post Masters job would have landed me $40K per year…

You cannot kill our spirit

Why is it so wrong that millennials want more and have large dreams? Why do they have to give everything up for a job? I really don’t know how to answer these questions. I understand that turnover is tough but we live in a work environment where this needs to be addressed. Your business cannot be dependent on a person. We will not work for you for 20 years. Your business needs to be dependent on a procedure, a system, and a model that allows for change. I expect when I start hiring that my staff will move on in 2-4 years and I want them too! I want them to be empowered to move forward and expand their career. So far, people I work with go on to start businesses which is a great thing!

Well then..

Perhaps it’s because I don’t believe in competition and don’t believe people can really steal my ideas (with exception made for proprietary products which I’m not in the business of creating), but I thinks it’s time for the work world to shift its culture. No matter how hard employers try to shift the culture of the millennial worker, we officially outnumber you in the workforce. While I feel compromise is necessary, as I have said many times before, employers also need to rethink how they do business. We want a community to be a part of where we can grow and thrive and move on when appropriate. I will work for much less to be a part of a team who appreciates me, values my time, and takes care of me. The time is now…