Generally I do an entire blog to review my past year’s goals, but this year I don’t feel it’s necessary given my mid-year review and really just wanting 2015 to be over with! I write a lot about how being an entrepreneur is the hardest thing someone will do, especially as a woman and this year showed that.  I will do a brief overview.

What started as a strong year hit a wall and drama ensued; drama of the business varietal. While I feel I fulfilled my life goals: know your worth and accept nothing less, thank those who need to be thanked, and let your year be Mabered, 2015 was a year to be reckoned with.

Well yes, my year was Mabered and MaberMe, Inc. came into to existence on, well, my birthday of course May 19, 2015. This was in fact an amazing highlight and also made my business life about 100x more difficult. That being said, I am very proud of the brand identity created, new allies, and growth! I just had to constantly remind myself why I started my company and remind myself that the MaberMe mission is bigger than me, much bigger, so the work will be worth it. Keep your eyes peeled for the upgraded website being launched soon!

I definitely stuck to my worth even in the hardest of times. This is a hard lesson for everyone, but especially business owners, consultants, and entrepreneurs. It can be very hard for me to stick to my guns because I truly want to help people; however, it had to be done because in the end, my stability is my primary concern and always will be. While I had a philanthropy heavy year, I realized I can’t work for free anymore. And amazingly, those who really value your time and expertise will pay for it!

Through knowing my worth, I suddenly got my life and focus back. I was able to connect with friends, family, meet many new people, and go on vacation (for more than a few days and with 0 work) for the first time in over three years. I hope people felt thanked this year. Thank those who need to be thanked was by far the most important goal to me. I’m no walk in the park and I have had so much help from so many people throughout my journey. I often would get wrapped up in my own process and forget about thanking all these amazing people! If you are reading this, you are likely one of these amazing people, so thank you! Even if I have never met you, being here for me is a great thing!


Now on to 2016 (thank goodness!)

1)      Be the human, not the hero

I really think it is time to re-access how we define “hero.” My Facebook feed is filled daily with all these “heros.” What I’m about to say may upset people, but when someone is HUMAN showing care and concern for another, they are not a hero in my book…they are a HUMAN. That is what we are supposed to do. We are social animals. We are hard wired to be in tribes that take care of eachother. I do what I do daily, because it’s the right thing to do. There are real heros out there, but I generally feel outside of comic books they are not talked about in this context because they would never want to be. While I generally live by being a good human, I wish in 2016 people stop trying to be a hero and are just more human.

2)      Work smarter, not harder (or more)

This is a pretty self-explanatory goal. I worked so much is 2015, I thought my head was going to pop. The major lesson I learned was that I’m good at most of what I do career wise and great at certain things. I learned to stick to what I’m great at and let others who are great, do what they do. While it may have been an initial financial hit or a relinquish of control, in the end I was a better person for it. Everything in my life got stronger from my business to my relationships.  

3)      Do what's right, good, and improves the world (it pays off)

Do you ever wake up in the morning dreading your day or perhaps torn about what to do? Oh the drive, oh the pay, oh the stress, oh the weather…last week I woke up saying, “this is just the RIGHT THING to do.” This was a new feeling for me. I mean, I certainly have gotten up many times working within my purpose and feeling great about it, but THIS was a different feeling. There is this amazing thing about doing great work, it actually pays off, literally. You are also able to impact people, change lives (mainly my own so far), and be human again. While many times I may not like an aspect of a project I now can confidently wake up every morning knowing it is the right thing to do. Being a social entrepreneur is a great thing. Not all entrepreneurs are inventors; some are builders, fixers, connectors and communicators, but in general we are all analysts. I didn’t invent anything; I just pointed out social behaviors in a certain context and put it into a practical business. I do consider myself a connector and communicator. While I can only dream of being a future Melinda Gates type, there is something so liberating about doing what is right. When you follow your heart it has this amazing way of having a positive domino effect! 

Start by doing what is necessary; then do what is possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible
— Francis of Assisi